Poet, fiction writer and performer SETH openly admits to having a sordid love affair with language. His passion for words, particularly the rhythms and sounds of speech, extends not only to his craft but in the myriad ways he presents his poetry and prose. SETH has made a career of exploring creative ways of performing spoken word.

One of Colorado’s best known performance poets, SETH has and continues to collaborate with musicians, poets, actors, dancers and other performance artists in his never-ending quest to render poetry more entertaining, and thus more accessible, to general audiences. Over the years he has garnered numerous awards for his pioneering efforts to meld spoken word with the other performance art forms.

In 1991 SETH help found Open Rangers, a dynamic network of poets, actors, musicians, dancers and other performance artists. Over a span of 13 years, Open Rangers was responsible for such innovative “Poetry Theatre” productions as JoY is the Name of a Child, Poetic License, Reign of the Scar Clan (“Best Poetry Performance” 1995 Westword) and Random Axe of Rhyme. Open Rangers also produced two audio cassettes Drop the Other Shoe and Eating Light which interwove music, poetry and theater for a uniquely stimulating listening experience.

In 1993 SETH joined Jafrika, a critically-acclaimed trio presenting “original music, provocative dance and poignant poetry.” The Rocky Mountain News listed Jafrika as “among Denver’s finest cultural offerings.”

SETH lives in Denver where he currently spearheads Art Compost & the Word Mechanics, an improvisational poetic-musical ensemble inviting poets and singers from the audience to join them every Sunday night from 7-8pm at the Mercury Café. Their first CD Love, Death & Poetry won Westword’s Best of Denver 2005 for Spoken Word CD.

Also a fiction writer, SETH’s experimental short stories have appeared in numerous publications including Lynx Eye, Happy, the Portland Review and Fugue. He recently finished first novel.

For more information and to hear SETH perform, visit www.wagingart.com​​