​​​​Congratulations Contest Winners!  

February 2017 Open Contest: Ann Woodbury Hafen Memorial "Optional"

First Place: Cheryl Miller, “The Saturday Afternoon Suspension Bridge Club Blues”

Second Place: Ann Klaiman, “In the Dark”

Third Place: Vaughn Neeld, “Sadie Strayed”

1st Honorable Mention: Rhonda Driscoll, “Solar Influence”

2nd Honorable Mention: Alana Story, “Thief” 

3rd Honorable Mention: Barbara Test, “Those Cows”

January 2017 Members-only Contest:  “Seduction”

First Place: Janet Sheridan, “On Mourning Doves”
Second Place: Alana Story, “More Than Okay”

Third Place: David Morris, “One Hot Summer Day in August”

1st Honorable Mention:  Vaughn Neeld, “Liquid Chains”

2nd Honorable Mention: Melanie Eulberg, “Surrender”
3rd Honorable Mention: Vaughn Neeld, “Pheromone”

November 2016 Members-Only Contest: "Relationships":
First Place: Vaughn Neeld, "Unity"
Second Place: Susan Harman, "Ruach"
Third Place: Jo-Ann Birch, "Mother's Day"
First Honorable Mention: Cheryl Miller, “Keepin’ the Faith – and “Fang”
Second Honorable Mention: Vaughn Neeld, “Why”
Third Honorable Mention: Alana Story, “Butch”

October 2016 Open Contest: 
First Place: Alana Story, "The Sparrow"
Second Place: Sandi Rae Rhynard, "Frozen Contradiction"
Third Place: Marylin Claire Blinn, "Autumn"

September 2016  Members-only Contest:  "Unusual Harvest"
First Place:  Steve Caswell, "Today in America"
Second Place: Gay Williford, "Insulation"
Third Place: Susan Harman, "Vast and Wild"
1st Honorable Mention: Ann Klaiman, "So Gloriously Unexpected"
2nd Honorable Mention: Alana Story, "Sacred Harvest"
3rd Honorable Mention: Vaughn Neeld, "The Gift"

May 2016, Found Poetry Contest 
First Place: Cheryl Miller, "Riffing the Yellow Pages"
Second Place: Alana Story, "East Colfax"
Third Place: Melanie Claire Blinn Eulberg, "Workshop Girl"

April 2016 Youth Poetry Contest:
First Place: Lauren McIntyre, "Death"
Second Place: Kendall Kopek, "The Octopus"
Third Place: Maximus Nathaniel Colantoni, "Loneliness"

April 2016 Poet Memorial Contest:
First Place: Gay Williford, "Dad at Dawn"
Second Place: Cheryl Lee Wilkie, "Long Dreaming"
Third Place: Vaughn Neeld, "Aunt Winiferd's Idols"

Past Contest Winners 

The Poetry Society of Colorado celebrates the winning entries of all contests. Winning poems are published in the PSC Annual Yearbook.