​​​​​​​Congratulations Contest Winners!  

January 2018 Members-Only Contest: "A Woman's Skin"

First Place: Nancy Bierman, "Abuelita"

Second Place: Ann Klaiman, "The Constant Quest"

Third Place:Marcel Duclos, "The Farmer Beholds His Wife Bedside in 1955"

1st Honorable Mention: Nancy Bierman, "Sister Marian"

2nd Honorable Mention: Vaughn Neeld, "Within"

3rd Honorable Mention: Marcel Duclos, "The May Maiden"

November 2017 Members-Only Contest: "The Moon"

First Place: Patricia Peterson

Second Place: Vaughn Neeld

Third Place: Marylin C. Blinn

1st Honorable Mention: Ann Klaiman

2nd Honorable Mention:Vaughn Neeld

3rd Honorable Mention: Michael Escoubas

October 2017 Open Contest: Family Legacy

First Place: Nancy Bierman, "Song for My Father"

Second Place: Laura Keegan, "Granny"

Third Place: Jane Hillson Aiello, "Tea with Bubby"

1st Honorable Mention: Norman Chichester, "What Can We Expect?"

2nd Honorable Mention: Cheryl Miller, "The Yellow Mixing Bowl"

3rd Honorable Mention: Marilyn C. Blinn, "A Gift of Genes"

September 2017 Members-Only Contest:

First Place: Ann Klaiman, "Houston Bold"

Second Place: Marilyn C. Blinn, "One January Day"

Third Place: Vaughn Neeld, "Ode to Pete's Thumb"

1st Honorable Mention: Vaughn Neeld, "Playing Her Out"

2nd Honorable Mention: Vaughn Neeld, "The Actor"

​3rd Honorable Mention: Gloria Veglione, "Night Shift"

August 2017 Open Contest: "War"

First Place: Rhonda Driscoll, "Buzz Kill"

Second Place: Cherly Miller, "Progress"

Third Place: Gay Williford, "An Ongoing Struggle"

1st Honorable Mention: Ann Klaiman, "Survivor"

2nd Honorable Mention: Marilynn Blinn, "Peace Be Unto Us"

3rd Honorable mention: Marcel Duclos, "We Are At War"

July 2017 Members-only Contest: Optional

First Place: Martin Postma, "Peace of the Ocean"

Second Place: Alana Story, "My Father's Spring"

Third Place: Gay Williford, "Polestar of My Past"

1st Honorable Mention: Marcel Duclos, "Charnel House"

2nd Honorable Mention: Susan Harman, "Wild Country"

3rd Honorable Mention: Vaughn Neeld, "Out There"

​June 2017 Open Contest: "About Poets"
First Place: Melanie Eulberg, "Mrs. No-Doze"
Second Place: Melanie Eulberg, "Old Firesides"
Third Place: Gay Williford, "Poetic Wardrobe"
1st Honorable Mention: Vaughn Neeld, "Writer's Block"
2nd Honorable Mention: Laura Keegan, "Edgar"
3rd Honorable Mention: Vaughn Neeld, "The Path Not Taken"

May 2017 Members-only Contest: "Minimal Poetry"

First Place: Marcel Duclos, "The Gallery"

Second Place: Gay Williford, "Melee"

Third Place: "Gloria Viglione, "with cat"

1st Honorable Mention: Susan Harman, "Unbounded"

2nd Honorable Mention: Sandi Rae Rhynard, "no"

3rd Honorable Mention: Marcel Duclos, "for too many patients, I"

April 2017 Open Contest: "Images of Night"

First Place: Gloria Veglione, "Psalm for One Calling to the Stars"

Second Place: Nancy Bierman, "Night Camp in the Rockies"

Third Place: Marilyn C. Blinn, "Into the Night"

1st Honorable Mention: Vaughn Neeld, "In the Still of the Night"

2nd Honorable Mention: Alana Story, "Another Summer's Day"

3rd Honorable Mention: Gay Williford, "Squandered"

April 2017 Youth Poetry Contest

First Place: Emma Morrow, "Panic! Is My Disco"

Second Place: Samantha Reece Cohen, "Loop"

Third Place: Kim-Phung Thi Van, "The Change in Our World"

1st Honorable Mention: Greta Olson, "Up"

2nd Honorable Mention: Morgan Foster, "Beach"

3rd Honorable Mention: Julia Primak, "Alone"

March 2017 Members-only Contest: "Springtime"

First Place: Marylinn Blinn, "Season of Change"

Second Place: Melanie Claire Blinn Eulberg, "First Crocus"

Third Place: Cheryl A. Miller, "A Spring Trifecta"

1st Honorable Mention: Gay Williford, "Come On In"

2nd Honorable Mention: Barbara Test, "I Would Not Alarm You"

3rd Honorable Mention: Jane Hillson Aiello, "Lilacs"

February 2017 Open Contest: Ann Woodbury Hafen Memorial "Optional"
First Place: Cheryl Miller, “The Saturday Afternoon Suspension Bridge Club Blues”
Second Place: Ann Klaiman, “In the Dark”
Third Place: Vaughn Neeld, “Sadie Strayed”
1st Honorable Mention: Rhonda Driscoll, “Solar Influence”
2nd Honorable Mention: Alana Story, “Thief” 
3rd Honorable Mention: Barbara Test, “Those Cows”

January 2017 Members-only Contest:  “Seduction”

First Place: Janet Sheridan, “On Mourning Doves”
Second Place: Alana Story, “More Than Okay”

Third Place: David Morris, “One Hot Summer Day in August”

1st Honorable Mention:  Vaughn Neeld, “Liquid Chains”

2nd Honorable Mention: Melanie Eulberg, “Surrender”
3rd Honorable Mention: Vaughn Neeld, “Pheromone”

November 2016 Members-Only Contest: "Relationships":
First Place: Vaughn Neeld, "Unity"
Second Place: Susan Harman, "Ruach"
Third Place: Jo-Ann Birch, "Mother's Day"
First Honorable Mention: Cheryl Miller, “Keepin’ the Faith – and “Fang”
Second Honorable Mention: Vaughn Neeld, “Why”
Third Honorable Mention: Alana Story, “Butch”

Past Contest Winners 

The Poetry Society of Colorado celebrates the winning entries of all contests.

Winning poems are published in the PSC Annual Yearbook.