Michael Escoubas has been described as a late bloomer. Michael began writing poetry for publication at age 66 after retiring in 2013 from a 48-year career in the printing industry. Prior to this he read, studied and educated himself in poetry for approximately 25 years. His interest in poetry was spawned in childhood by his mother who encouraged him by saying, "You have a gift for words, I hope you do something with that gift."

Now 71, Michael serves as editor and staff book reviewer for Quill and Parchment, a 17-year old cultural and literary arts online journal. His poems have been published over 150 times in a variety of venues. He has won honors in poetry competitions at both the national and state levels.

Michael believes that writing poems changes the way we engage the world and agrees with former Poet Laureate of the United States, Juan Phillipe Herrera, that "inherent in poetry is the power to bring people together."

Michael has published one chapbook, Light Comes Softly, and one full-length book entitled Monet in Poetry and Paint, is in the final stages of production. 

Michael Escoubas