Members-Only Contests

One of the benefits of membership in the Poetry Society of Colorado is the opportunity to submit poetry to the Members-Only Contests.

Members-Only Contest Rules:

  • Only members of PSC may submit poems to the Members-Only contests.
  • Contest themes are not to be used as Poem Titles.
  • Entry fee: $5/poem. Each poet may enter up to three original poems. No previously published work will be accepted.
  • All submissions must arrive by published submissions dates. Plan accordingly.
  • If a pen name or pseudonym is used, the author must also submit his/her legal or alternative name or the entry will be disqualified.
  • A single poet can win no more than two prizes for each contest.
  • There are no age restrictions for Member-Only Contests.
  • A contest may be cancelled if fewer than ten poems are entered.
  • Submission of entries presumes permission for the name of the winner to be posted on the PSC website AND for winning entries to be anthologized in the yearly Poets' Showcase unless the contest director is notified otherwise in writing.
  • Poem submission line limit: 40 lines (unless otherwise stated)

Submission Instructions:

  • Proper submission form must be followed to qualify for contests.
  • Submit two typed copies of each poem on 8½ x 11-inch paper.
  • Use a 1-inch margin on all sides for each submission, including artwork.
  • In upper left-hand corner of first copy put "Poetry Society of Colorado" on first line; put name of contest and date on second line; put theme and form on third line. No name or address should appear on this copy.
  • In upper left-hand corner of second copy put the same information as on the first copy. In the upper right-hand corner of the second copy put your name on the first line, and address on the second and third lines. If a pen name/pseudonym is used, include legal name.
  • Enclose a check for the entry fee of $5.00 for each poem entered made payable to: Poetry Society of Colorado.
  • Send two copies of all entries to the contest director: 
    Alana Story, 5205 E. Weaver Ave., Centennial, CO 80121 

  • Entries must be postmarked or submitted at a Poetry Society meeting by the deadline date.
  • Winning entries, including honorable mentions, will be returned at a meeting or mailed to the winners. Wining and non-winning entries will be returned if accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) with sufficient first-class postage.


  • Independent judges will provide written critiques on ALL poems submitted and give a list of winners to the contest director.

Contest Prize Structure (unless specified otherwise):

  • 1st Place:  $25
  • 2nd Place: $15
  • 3rd Place:  $10

Upcoming Contests:

September 16, 2017 - Loss
Sponsor: Ann Klaiman
Form: Optional
Line Limit: 40 lines

Nov 18, 2017

Sponsor: Susan Harman 

Theme: The Moon 

Form: Haiku String

Line Limit: 21 lines* 

*at least 3 haikus no more than 7 haikus

Jan 20, 2018

Sponsor: Jane Hillson Aiello

Theme: A Woman’s Skin 

Form: Open

Line Limit: 40 Lines

Mar 17, 2018

Sponsor: Nancy Bierman

Theme: The Moment

Form: Open

Line Limit: 40 Lines

July 21, 2018

Sponsor: Marcel Duclos

Theme: A Man’s Skin

Form: Open 

Line Limit: 40 Lines

Sept 15,2018

Sponsor: Gay Williford

Theme: Gossip

Form: Open

Line Limit: 40 Lines