Melanie Claire Blinn Eulberg is an avid oral storyteller and member of the Littleton chapter of Spellbinders ® (Ask her about that!).  She is also a newly published author of a CIPA award-winning children’s picture book, Sylvana Takes a Spin.  For more information, visit her website here - or contact Melanie by email at: 

A lifelong poet, Melanie credits her mother, a creator of exquisite haiku, and father, an artist and musician, for her love of words, imagery, meter and rhyme. Her middle name, Claire, honors her grandmother, a teacher, journalist, “Renaissance woman,” and beloved pen pal.

A near-native Coloradan, Melanie has lived in the Denver area since age 4. She taught in Greeley, Littleton, and Sheridan schools, for a total of 27 years. In retirement, she appreciates having the time for writing, as well as public school storytelling, piano lessons, and making music with her collection of Native American flutes. She is a daily practitioner of Qigong and an on-again, off-again runner.

Melanie and her husband/soulmate, Doug, reside in Lakewood. They made their home in England for three years, and love to travel when they can.  For Melanie, a jaunt to someplace new may become the creative spark for a poem or the source of some folklore just right for storytelling in the elementary school classrooms she serves.  

A frequent and favorite destination for Melanie and Doug is Asheville, NC, the home of their son, daughter-in-law and couldn’t-be-more-delightful twin granddaughters. Their daughter and son-in-law live in Berthoud, CO, but those two spend a lot of time in Thornton and Lakewood, playing underwater hockey. (Ask Melanie about that, too!)

Discovering the Poetry Society of Colorado has proved a stroke of luck for which this late bloomer is grateful. She loves the opportunity it provides to be inspired by a diverse, talented group of friendly poets who help keep her creative fires glowing. Melanie strongly agrees with Adelaide Anne Procter: “No star is ever lost we once have seen.  We can always be what we might have been.”

Melanie Claire Blinn Eulberg