Katherine Ross

FISHIN’ FOR WORDS:  Poet’s Statement

On Christmas morning, my young and quite astute granddaughter asked me,  “Nana, why do you have a hard time finding words?”  (“Oh, boy, do I tell the child I live with a constant flow of brain farts between my words?  Na.”)  “Well, Cadence,” I replied, “You’re right.  I DO have to fish for words sometimes and there are good reasons for that but they’re too complicated to talk about today. It’s Christmas Day.  Let’s be jolly, instead.”  Ho, ho, ho.

I love words. I love playing games with words like “Words With Friends” and “Ruzzle” on line. And I love writing Poetry.  Poetry allows me to …sort of demands that I…diligently search for and use words in new and creative ways.  Writing poetry, helps me believe that my “brain farts” don’t really matter so much. In poetry, words are my friends…my playful friends, even if finding just the right one is sometimes a slow, painful process.

I gave Cadence’s mother (my daughter), a copy of the Poetry Society of Colorado’s “Poet’s Showcase” as a Christmas gift.  As she unwrapped the book, it opened to a page with an image of dark silhouettes of an elephant and a lion.  A short, silly poem entitled “Swirling Tones” was printed in white font on the elephant’s dark silhouette. It is a poem I had written about indulging in chocolate and vanilla ice cream cones on an annual zoo trip that I go on with my daughter, my granddaughter, Cadence and my grandson, Brycen. As my daughter read the poem out loud, I noticed big smiles on my grandkids faces as they realized their Mom was reading a poem that their Nana had written about the four of us at the zoo. Smiles were seen all the way around.  I had found the right words.

I enjoy being a visual artist as well.  My Artist Statement and examples of my artwork can be viewed on the 40West Arts District website:  http://www.40westarts.org on the members page.​