As a desert and mountain dweller and avid hiker, Cynthia’s poetry is inspired by the wild, remote and rugged beauty of Arizona deserts, and the Sky Island mountain ranges that rise like miracles from them. Daypack, stashed with notepad, pen, camera, and other survival essentials, she’s always ready to ramble, often accompanied by an Australian Shepherd or two.

Her poems have been published in two anthologies of short-form poetry: Pay Attention: A River of Stones, and A Blackbird Sings. They’ve also appeared in the online publication, Bolts of Silk. Most recently, her short-form poems have found happy homes in print editions of Cheap Seats Ticket to Ride.

Cynthia also has a passion for photographing the natural world, especially trees because they offer poetry for the eyes and spirit. She was honored to have one of her photographs of a sycamore tree published in the “Trees” edition of About Place Journal where you’ll find beautiful, poetry, prose and photography dedicated to the life-giving, spirit-nurturing heart and soul of our earth’s trees.

Cynthia Sidrane