PSC Mission:  To promote the study, writing, and performance of poetry in Colorado.

The Poetry Society of Colorado meets the third Saturday of each month from 10 - 12. A workshop is offered at most meetings. The annual Awards Luncheon is held on the 3rd Saturday of June.​​


September 15, 2018

Workshop Topic:

When the Walls Fall Down—Poetry in New Found Freedom 

Facilitator: Steve Caswell            

Members-Only Contest Theme: Gossip contest details

Authoritarian regimes limit poetic voices. Some even require memberships in organizations they control before allowing poets to publicly produce their work.  What happens to poetry when that censorship collapses? Language explodes, but in what direction(s)? Steve Caswell will trace the effect this liberation on Russian poetry, specifically looking at  works from poets born without the important collective memory of World War II. We will look to use this experience to sharpen our own subject matter, and among the questions we'll answer is, "What would you write about if you were a censored writer one day and free the next?"

October 20, 2018       

Topic: Characters in Poetry

Facilitator: Nancy Bierman

Character poems tell a story about fictional, or actual people, frequently from the viewpoint of the subjects, instead of the poet. We will look at examples of poems that use monologue, dialogue, or third person narrative to develop personalities in the context of a story.  There will be time to experiment with creating our own character poems.             

November 17, 2018   

Special Feature! Award Winning Slam Poet
Guest Speaker: Erica Nicole 

Members-Only Contest Theme: Compassion contest details

December 15, 2018   

Holiday Party

Daisie E. Robinson Sweepstakes winner announced and $50 prize given.

(The first, second, and third place winners of the Members-Only Contests of the past year are eligible for the Daisie E. Robinson Sweepstakes.)

January 19, 2019                          
Topic: Ars Poetica

Facilitator: Ann Klaiman

Members-Only Contest Theme: Fences contest details

February 16, 2019                       
Topic: To be determined

Facilitator: Curtis Pierce

March 16, 2019             
Topic: Carl Sandburg and Point of View

Facilitator: Susan Rocco-McKeel

Members-Only Contest Theme: Prejudice contest details

We will examine Carl Sandburg's use of  perspective and point of view. We will experiment applying this to our poetry to affect the impact, nuance or message.

April 20, 2019

Topic: Jane Kenyon—Metaphysical Poet Laureate

Facilitator: Marcel Duclos                

May 18, 2019

Topic: Talking Poetic Turkey

Facilitator: Laurel Becker                

June 15, 2019           


July 20, 2019

Topic: Playshop

Facilitator: Jane Aiello

Why work when you can play? Jane Hillson Aiello will lead us through a series of enjoyable activities that will have us writing. Many poets talk about inspiration, but there are myriad other ways to get going than waiting for your muse to appear. These exercises will show us how everyday life can be a source of inventiveness. Bring your pencil - bring your notepad - but most all of bring your inner child. Summertime is the perfect time to explore the playgrounds of our minds.

August 17, 2019

Open Mic

September 21, 2019

Topic: Critiquing Poetry

Facilitator: Von Neeld  

Attendees will learn best practices for critiquing poetry, and insights on how to analyze and identify effective poetry. Von Neeld is a seasoned editor and award winning poet. 

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Peebles Prosthetics
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