PSC Mission:  To promote the study, writing, and performance of poetry in Colorado.

The Poetry Society of Colorado meets the third Saturday of each month from 10 - 12. A workshop is offered at most meetings. The annual Awards Luncheon is held on the 3rd Saturday of June.​​


March 16, 2019             

Topic: Carl Sandburg and Point of View

Facilitator: Susan Rocco-McKeel

Members-Only Contest Theme: Prejudice contest details

Determining POV is not just for novelists. Poets can benefit from determining what point of view will most benefit the poem: first person singular? third person plural? present or future tense? Using examples of how Carl Sandburg used perspective, we will experiment with point of view to create more impact, nuance and meaning. 

April 20, 2019

Topic: Jane Kenyon—Metaphysical Poet Laureate

Facilitator: Marcel Duclos

April Open Contest Form: Persona Poem or Dramatic Monologue

contest details               

In "Jane Kenyon: A Literary Life," John H. Timmerman said of Jane Kenyon, a deceased poet laureate of NH, that she evinced a calm dignity – a graceful and lovely demeanor backed by granite resolve; that she was a woman of profound and uncompromising vitality; ...a consummate artist of such exquisitely intense lyric verse, that like faceted diamonds casting a prismatic light, they throw off soundings of the human soul”. 

We will explore, in a one hour workshop, who she was, sample what she wrote when and where, plus how and why she wrote as she did. Inspiring ourselves by her gifts, will practice writing a short poem in her style.

May 18, 2019

Topic: Talking Poetic Turkey

Facilitator: Laurel Becker

May Open Contest Form/Style: Narrative Fable contest details               

June 15, 2019           


June Open Contest Theme: Ubi sunt.  contest details

July 20, 2019

Topic: Playshop

Facilitator: Jane Aiello

Note: No poetry contest in July (summer break for judges)

Why work when you can play? Jane Hillson Aiello will lead us through a series of enjoyable activities that will have us writing. Many poets talk about inspiration, but there are myriad other ways to get going than waiting for your muse to appear. These exercises will show us how everyday life can be a source of inventiveness. Bring your pencil - bring your notepad - but most all of bring your inner child. Summertime is the perfect time to explore the playgrounds of our minds.

August 17, 2019

Open Mic

Note: No poetry contest in August (summer break for judges)

September 21, 2019

Topic: Critiquing Poetry

Facilitator: Von Neeld  

Attendees will learn best practices for critiquing poetry, and insights on how to analyze and identify effective poetry. Von Neeld is a seasoned editor and award winning poet. 

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