Barbara Snow

Barbara Snow has always loved words and language, but It was after escaping a truly dangerous relationship that poetry started flowing through her. Her first book, Inside Out: The Songs and Sighs of a Healing Human, was published in 1995 and has gone through five printings.

The release and healing that came through poetry – and the responses to her work – were so rewarding that Barbara chose New College of California to earn her degree in Creative Writing because of their Poetics Department. Her second book, The Sudden Caregiver: Surrendering to Enlightenment, documented in poetry and prose her experiences following her bridegroom’s stroke and eventual death. The companion book of poetry, The Phoenix Spring, was published in Spring, 2013, and received the Awakening Visions Award for Literary Excellence, 2013.

The Sudden Caregiver is available at The Sudden Caregiver and The Phoenix Spring are available through Smashwords at

Poetry is still Barbara’s favorite medium. “Good poetry is condensed emotion, like a sound byte that takes you into the poet’s experience to feel your shared humanity. It’s a wonderful tool for reflection in this crazy, busy world.”

Barbara credits membership in Poetry Society of Colorado (in which she served as Program Chair for two terms) and in the Inklings, a critique and support group, with helping her write more and do better work. “Even though I moved to Ecuador in Fall of 2014, I will maintain these connections with PSC and the Inklings. I plan to find the poets in Ecuador, both Ecuadorean and ex-pats, and create connections between them and my talented friends in Colorado. Poets generally like other poets, and I’m looking forward to adding new friends while celebrating the old. And to sharing the work that has been stimulated by the process of this move. It’s exciting!”

Barbara enjoys performance, including the Spring 2013 performance of “From the Bookshelf.”

“We hear words differently than we read them. Sometimes it’s the long, dramatic pause that lets the meaning truly settle in.” Read more of Barbara’s work at